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Welcome to Japan

I hope you are enjoying Japanese Culture experience.



I would like to explain [ Kaiseki Dinner ] Japanese authentic Traditional Dinner.

In Japan, we have four beautiful seasons. We are small country yet, we have beautiful mountains and oceans and we appriciate wonderful 4 seasons.

In kaiseki dinner course, we have one dish from last season saying thank you to season we already passed, and we have one dish from next season hoping to have another great days in the future. Rest of dishes are from present season appriciate we live today and enjoying our life today.

Our Chefs specialize in making Kaiseki is an art form of food. The presentation meant to evoke every season from the taste, the scent and the vision.

Also we have Maezawa Beef Steak  which is Japanese Champion Beef. Chef is grilling each one with iron plate for you. You can enjoy dishes with our rare Sake selection.


We also have reasonable Bento box and special meals for Foreigners.

Japanese restaurant [Suisha]

Kaiseki full Dinner course starting from 9300 Yen ~( including Tax)



Appetizer including seasonal Sashimi Fish.

Owan ( special Japanese soup )

Something Cooked ( Seasonal vegetable with fish or meat )

Something Grilled ( Seasonal vegetable with fish or meat )

Something Fried ( Seasonal vegetable with fish or meat )

Seasonal rice and miso soup




Full Dinner Steak Course ( not including 8% tax)

Course With beef Steak 6800 Yen

Course with Japanese beef 8500 Yen

Course with Japanese champion Maezawa Beef steak 13800 Yen

We also open for lunch time.

Ex. Shokado Bento box 1250 Yen (not including 8% tax)


Nov 2018 

Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister for Finance visited us and Tweeted us on his Twitter.


We are very honored and appriciate this oppotunity.

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