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Adress: 2-21-11 HigashiUeno Taitouku Tokyo Japan

Zip 1100015
Phone: 81-3-3831-1110
Fax : 81-3-3831-1100
email :

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*Best way to come to our Hotel from Narita International airport.
Take Keisei Skyliner to Ueno, it is only take 40 minutes to Keisei Ueno Station.
Keisei Skyliner is depart from basement of Narita Airport.

LInk to Keisei Skyliner Time table

Direction from Keisei Ueno Station to our Hotel

You can use elevator or stairs to go down to Under ground path to subway.
Walk Under ground path straight to Hibiya line and Exit Number # 3.
You can use stairs or make left and use Elevator to Street.
After you exit from Under ground path, we are 3 short blocks away from there.

10 mintues walking distance from Keisei Ueno Station.
3 minutes to Hibiya subway line and 5 minutes to Ginza subway line.


*Or without using many Stairs

There is a elevator near Subway exit #3.

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